Water Institute 联盟教师, Drs. Tara Sabo-Attwood (WI 教师咨询委员会 member; Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental & Global Health) and Joe Bisesi (Assistant Professor of the Department of Environmental & Global Health) teamed up with other UF experts from public health, microbiology, and toxicology as well as medical and facilities personnel to develop a wastewater surveillance system that can accurately detect COVID-19 in the 佛罗里达大学’s wastewater. GatorWATCH, which stands for Wastewater Analysis and Tracking for Community Health, monitors wastewater from 28 UF residence halls, campus apartment complexes and fraternity/sorority houses that empty into UF’s wastewater treatment infrastructure, alerting the UF Health Screen, Test & Protect initiative when the virus is detected.

迄今为止,废水监测系统检测到鼻拭方法已经确定了阳性病例的居住废水中的病毒。随着病例的减少,Gatorwatch可以为病毒徘徊的情况提供线索 - 以及其他公共卫生威胁可能会弹出的地方。


“这真的展示了环境科学在公共卫生背景下的影响,”萨博斯塔伍德说。 “我很自豪能够利用我们的专业知识快速,有效地改善社区的公共卫生。”

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